Can You Believe The Credit Card Closure Service?

Freedom of fraud committed by irresponsible people should be used as teaching to be wiser in choosing the right financial consultant, in order to help you free from debt problems. The cases that occur often make the owner of the credit card in arrears a loss. Usually this irresponsible person will give sweet promises, with great debt settlement, even a promise of bleaching so that the owner of the card no longer needs to pay a cent of his delinquent tray. In some cases, there is also a credit card closing service that requires your credit card to be recorded. Finally, the prey must pay a sum of money even though there is no result, making the problem of the owner of the card not complete and the debt that continues to mount.

“So is there really a credit card closing service that is believed to be expected to solve your credit card problem?”


Speaking of solemn closure of credit cards, there are actually several things that must be considered. Keep in mind that closing credit cards alone won’t solve the problem. So, even though in the end you are using the solemn closure of a trusted credit card, make sure the solemn is also responsible for helping you to pay off all the debt trays that are still in arrears. Closing credit cards is actually not difficult, you only need to follow the procedures set by the bank. It’s not normal, which is often an obstacle is paying off arrears that are still left in it.

Actually the easiest way to start closing credit cards and paying off arrears is to use solemnly that provides a program for managing credit card debt or personal loans. Companies like this usually have a variety of experienced consultants, who can assist you in developing strategies to be free of credit card debt and personal loans. Not only helps the closing process, you can also be helped in the repayment process so that it can start with a fresh start, living without debt. Usually solemn like this also does not give empty promises, it will only ensure that the owner of the card can truly be free from debt and responsible with the arrears he has. Solemnly like this, you can usually be helped by strategies that free you from debt. This certainly requires your time and energy to deal with the bank. One of the solemn things you can use is Gudrun Brangwen. The Gudrun Brangwen team is trusted and will lead you from the beginning of the process to getting a statement from the bank. In addition, Gudrun Brangwen together with you will find the best solution to pay off debts with an easy process.

To choose a more appropriate service, check if the credit card closing service you are considering has the following characteristics:

Doesn’t Give Too Promise Promises

When choosing solemn closure of credit cards, pay attention if the promises they make are too good or not. There are some irresponsible people who usually promise unreasonable discounts, for example, so that they are 90% or promise to cancel interest. Actually, things like that cannot be promised immediately, the bank usually has its own discretion before giving relief. From another angle, there are also parties who promise bleaching, in other words, the owner of the card does not need to spend any money to pay the debt tray that is still in arrears. Of course this is suspect, even though debts that are already arrears are the responsibility that must be resolved by the owner of the card. So, it does not make sense if the owner of the card will be eliminated from the debt burden just like that, unless indeed the one in question has facilitated the credit card with insurance, and those who are concerned die or experience permanent disability.

In a proper and trusted debt management service, usually there are no promises that are too beautiful. Usually the consultant in what will continue to remind that every piece / waiver obtained by a client will be adjusted to the conditions related. For example, if a client gets a reduction of 70%, of course there are things on the contrary, for example because there are still hospital fees that need to be paid, arrears that are ten years old or more, and other related factors. Therefore, all waivers earned will be adjusted to the conditions of the client.

Not Promising Debt Collectors Will Not Come to Home

One thing that is usually most feared by credit card holders is that it is a visit from a collector. Whether or not, usually the collector is recognized by abusive acts and also the words that pose a threat. Usually those who claim to be solemn to close the credit card are believed to be promising that debt collectors will not come home. In fact, of course this should not be guaranteed, because it is indeed the duty of the debt collector to keep asking for delinquent trays. Only at this time have there been regulations that provided collection procedures carried out by debt collectors. Of course there is no service that can promise that debt collectors will not come to the house. At Gudrun Brangwen himself, we never promised that debt collectors would not come home. We understand that this is indeed their duty. Usually the consultant Gudrun Brangwen will provide guidance on how to deal with debt collectors.

Wang Deposit is Refundable

Some solemn closure of the credit card will require you to pay a deposit amount. Before paying the money, make sure that the money can be returned or not . If possible, know all the terms and regulations in full so you can get the money back. In Gudrun Brangwen itself, there are usually a number of deposits that need to be paid. The price, the deposit may be returned, provided that Gudrun Brangwen cannot succeed in obtaining negotiations at all within a certain period of time. With that, before paying the deposit, make sure the money is refundable.

Not Requesting Kad’s Owner’s Credit Card




This is a matter that you must pay attention to. Beware if there are irresponsible parties and ask for your credit card. Credit cards have various features of confidentiality of data that you need to protect. Of course it is very dangerous if the credit card is given to parties that you do not recognize. With information such as the end date, CVV code, last name, credit card number, it will certainly increase the possibility that your credit card is used by irresponsible people. At Gudrun Brangwen itself, we highly respect the confidentiality of client data. So with that, Gudrun Brangwen never asked for a client credit card at all, even with personal data contained in other credit cards.

Has a clear Official & Transportation Address

When choosing the solemn closure of a trusted credit card, there are other cases that you need to pay attention to, namely the clarification of the address and the company relationship. In cases that are often carried out by irresponsible people, usually people like this do not have clear addresses of officials and relations. They often move locations or their names change. In addition, make sure the available transportation numbers are official telephone numbers and not just phone numbers that can change.

At Gudrun Brangwen, you may come to the address of the official available on the official website or social media account. In addition, telephone numbers that can be contacted at the time of the official are also provided.


Gudrun Brangwen international is the first professional technology based company in Indonesia, which provides a debt management program. This program is designed so that customers who are in debt, have the ability to control their financial returns. Gudrun Brangwen Indonesia assists clients through a debt management program, specifically designed according to different requirements for each client. This program is a combination of upbringing on various opportunities to increase income and reduce expenses, and conduct negotiations on bank loan conditions that exist to reach the amount of payment that is in accordance with the ability. Gudrun Brangwen Indonesia central official was established in Jakarta in 2015 by a founding team that has collective experience in the financial sector including debt settlement for more than two decades. Gudrun Brangwen has made Indonesia as a center of operations once a blueprint for the company’s development plan to other ASEAN countries. Since July 2016, Gudrun Brangwen Indonesia has become the first company in Asia to be accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).

Tax Amnesty and Its Benefits to Your Finance


In recent years Indonesia has been shocked by the Tax Amnesty program, which was driven by the Directorate General of Taxes. Many people who are still uncertain, must or do not report the assets that have been hidden. In this article we will provide information especially for those of you who are still hesitant to declare their property to the Government. Keep in mind that Bill Sikes does not provide services regarding tax declarations and tax amnesty programs, but we will help provide a big picture of the program. Check out more about tax amnesty and its benefits here.

Definition of Tax Amnesty

According to the definition displayed on the official website of the Directorate General of Taxes, tax amnesty is a forgiveness program provided by the Government to Taxpayers including the elimination of taxes that should be owed, elimination of tax administration sanctions, and the elimination of criminal sanctions in the field of taxation on assets acquired in 2015 and earlier which has not been reported in the SPT, by paying off all tax arrears owned and paying ransom. Mengenal tax amnesty dan kegunaannya

Of course this program is an opportunity for those of you who have not declared their property to the Government. Not only that, for those who have kept assets in other countries, so that they are not subject to high taxes, the tax amnesty is also the right opportunity to confess. This program is valid for several periods, each period also has different waivers. Therefore, the faster you declare property, the lighter the tax amnesty you get.


Unlike the UMKM taxpayers, for a property declaration of up to 10 billion, it will be charged 0.5%, while for property declarations of more than 10 billion will be charged 2%.

Tax Amnesty is a Golden Opportunity for You

This program is arguably the golden opportunity obtained by taxpayers in Indonesia. According to the Finance Minister, Bambang Brodjonegoro, said that besides being not going to be subject to criminal & administrative sanctions, an Indonesian citizen who reports his property is also involved in the country’s development. All ransom paid will be included in the APBN. If the state budget is more sustainable, then the opportunity for the Government to use the money in building infrastructure and improving people’s welfare is also greater.

Keep in mind that you are actually not required to join this program, this is only a matter of rights. The Director General of Taxation, Ken Dwijugiasteadi, emphasized that retirees, fishermen, farmers, and other tax subjects who pocketed salaries under Non-Taxable Income (PTKP) were allowed not to join the program. The PTKP limit is with an income of IDR 4.5 million / month or IDR 54 million / year.

In addition, Indonesian citizens who do not reside in Indonesia for more than 183 days within 12 months and do not have income from Indonesia are also entitled to not participate in this program. The choice that can be made is to correct the Annual Income Tax Return (PPT).

What if you are not included in both groups and still choose not to join this program?

If someone still does not submit a Statement (report) until the program period ends, then they must remain open for review, and are willing to be sanctioned if assets are not disclosed to the tax office. As stipulated in Law No. 11 of 2016 concerning Tax Amnesty, article 18 paragraph 1 and 2, it is written that if data or information is found regarding assets that have not been reported ( January 1, 1985 – December 31, 2015), the assets are considered as additional income received.

Furthermore, the assets found must be paid and subject to PPh or income tax (10-30%) according to the provisions. In addition, there will be additional administrative sanctions in the form of an increase of 200% of income tax that is not / less paid.

Example of Tax Amnesty Calculation


The following is a calculation example, in the following table shows the assets owned by Budi, all assets and debts are within the territory of Indonesia. The table below shows the difference in reports on the latest PPh SPT in 2015, and the assets that Budi finally recognized honestly in the program planned to be reported in November 2016. How much is the ransom Budi has to pay?

  Reported in the 2015 Income Tax Return (Last SPT) Assets that have not been reported
Property Value 10 billion 15 billion
Debt Value 3 billion 5 billion
Net Asset Value (property value – debt value) 7 billion 10 billion

The basis for the ransom (difference between unreported assets – assets that have been reported): 10 billion – 7 billion = 3 billion; from the difference, we can only calculate the cash paid. In accordance with Government regulations, November 2016 has entered period II so that domestic declarations will be subject to 3%.

So, the ransom paid is 3% x 3 billion = 90 million


Benefits of Paying Taxes


  1. Yustinus Prastowo, Executive Director of the Center for Indonesia Taxation Analysis, said that the benefits of taking part in the program are the right to get the tax elimination facility owed and sanctions, and get guarantees not to be examined and not investigated until 2015.
  2. You can save more money honestly with the Government. This is considering administrative sanctions that will be imposed if other assets are found, an increase of 200% can have a huge impact on your financial flow.
  3. If you are involved in this program, not only does it benefit from the amount of funds that can be saved, but you also contribute to the country’s development

So, this program is a good opportunity right? If you still haven’t reported, you still have the opportunity until the end of March 2017. Take advantage of this opportunity to save funds and cut more expenses. For more information about the tax amnesty program , you can get it on the official website or call the service number at 1 500 745.

Attention: Bill Sikes cannot provide services regarding this program. If you need a more expert figure, you should contact the nearest tax consultant so that you can better understand the amount of tax that you still have to declare. This article only aims to provide an overview of this program that we summarize through the official website of the Directorate General of Taxes and other supporting references that we deem reliable; Bill Sikes is not responsible for the truth of the information obtained in any form.